“Social media can become an envy trap. We see those who appear to have more fun, more wealth, more success, and more things and our hearts can become ungrateful!

Envy almost feels normal in the culture we live in, it can be hard to even notice how it hurts our hearts.  God warns us to be careful not to envy but trust that God has placed you in your own life with your specific set of resources to tell a perfectly unique story that only you can tell.  Don’t envy the sinners. Live with gratitude for the life God has gifted you!” ~jctroise


My brothers and sisters, the thing about envy is, sometimes we don’t see the struggle that these people went through. We only see them in there season of blessings. Ask yourselves, do you want to go through the storm that person you envy went through? Don’t envy! What’s for you is for you, what’s for them is for them! ~ KJ